Friday, February 21, 2014

Time to get those New Holland Tractor Parts on the way

It's that time of year again. Thoughts and hopes of Spring and warmer weather are on all of our minds. It's also time to be getting your New Holland Tractor in tip top shape for the upcoming hay and mowing season. It will be here before you know it. If you need New Holland Tractor Parts then visit our Secure Online Parts Store here: You can look up New Holland Tractor Part pricing, availability, and even order your parts from your personal computer. If you need more help feel free to call our Parts Helpline: 866-441-8193 and one of our Part Techs will be glad to help you find your parts. We want to help you find your New Holland Tractor Parts!

Obsolete or Dis-continued Ford Compact Tractor Parts 866-441-8193

If you or someone you know owns a Ford Compact Tractor that was made in Japan, chances are you may be running into issues finding some parts. You are not alone. We deal with people all over the USA that have perfectly good tractors, but are having trouble finding certain parts for those tractors. The issue being that some of the parts for those Ford Compact Tractors have been dis-continued or obsoleted. Many people don't understand that manufacturers only have to produce parts for tractors for 10 years after production stops. So at the end of that 10 years if certain parts are not selling the decision is made to obsolete or dis-continue those parts. The problem is those Ford Compact Tractors were made so well that many of the parts do not wear out or cause problems for 20 years or more. Many people then try to turn to Aftermarket sources for those parts, and are disappointed too. There wasn't a huge number of those tractors made so there are not many aftermarket companies that have taken up sourcing parts for them. The few that are out there are very popular parts and usually are still furnished by the OEM, so they are not necessarily the obsolete parts. So if you are needing Ford Tractor Parts for your Japanese made Ford Compact Tractor please give our Parts Helpline a call: 866-441-8193 and one of our Part Techs will be glad to help you find your parts. In fact, we want to help you find your Ford Compact Tractor Parts. If you are getting the run around elsewhere please give us a call and we will do everything we can to help you find yoru parts. You can also use our Online Parts Store to look up prices, availability, and even order your parts from your personal computer. Here is a direct link to our Online Parts Store: You can enter your model number in the "Model Search" box and then choose your correct model from a list. Then you can choose the parts diagrams you need to look at from the list. You can also visit our Ford Tractor Parts page on our website and view some helpful info that is on that page: Here is a list of tractors that can be affected by these dis-continued or obsolete Ford Compact Tractor Parts: 1000 1100 1110 1200 1300 1500 1600 1700 1120 1210 1215 1220 1310 1320 1510 1520 1530 1620 1630 1710 1715 1720 1725 1900 1910 1925 1920 2110 2120 3415

Friday, January 31, 2014

How To Find Ford Tractor Parts Online

Dear Valued Customer,

If you're looking for Ford Tractor Parts online then Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc is the website for you! Our Experienced and Friendly Parts Sales Staff at Alma Tractor will go above and beyond to help you keep your equipment up and running.

Every one of our Online Parts Store Staff members have over 10 years of experience in the parts business and we have over 100 years of combined experience in helping customers find their parts for Agriculture and Construction Machinery, no matter what brand it is.                                        

Even the most dependable equipment needs a new part now and then. Alma Tractor maintains an extensive inventory of parts, so you'll have the parts you need as quickly as possible. Our facility is located near the New Holland and Kobelco Ultra Parts Depots for easy access to unusual parts that we may not have on hand.

Convenient Online Parts Store Catalogs are available online to help you select the correct part for your equipment. All you need is the model number of your machine to view lists of parts and locate your part number.  If you need help ordering your parts you can call our Online Parts Helpline at 1-866-441-8193.


Alma Tractor & Equipment Online Parts Store Team

How To Use Online Parts Store

New Holland and Ford Agriculture Online Parts Store

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

About Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc

Alma Tractor was founded in 1991 as a New Holland Agriculture equipment dealer to supply and service agricultural and light construction equipment in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma By the mid 1990's the company had expanded to include heavy construction equipment, too, and added the New Holland Construction equipment line in 2005. Today, the company sells and services everything from Bad Boys' zero turn mowers to Kobelco's 100,000 pound excavators to accommodate all of your equipment needs.

Dependable Equipment New, Used and Rental

We carry only those equipment lines that are dependable, with proven performance. Many of the manufacturers we represent have been producing and perfecting their equipment for over 50 years. Continual improvements assure that you benefit from the latest technologies to enhance productivity.

Any time you need to supplement your fleet, we can deliver late model, well maintained rental equipment right to your job site. You can always find excellent value in our used equipment inventory; many low hour machines are usually available.

Customer Testimonials

"Parts have arrived. Thanks for the prompt and personal service." - Deer Park, TX

"Thank You for the response on my order. I really appreciate the quick service." - Muskogee, OK
"Yes received second pulley yesterday thanks for checking." - Griffin, GA

"Thank you very much for your information. It was helpful. I really appreciate you taking time to help with my problem. I thank you." - Mansfield, OH

"Yes, we got it yesterday, Thank you." -Cottageville, WV

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Ford Tractor Parts Online Store
New Holland Tractor Parts Online Store
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Mahindra Tractor Parts Online Store

Thank you for readying,
Alma Tractor & Equipment, Inc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Esco Bucket Teeth

Are you looking for Bucket Teeth or parts for your Bucket?

We stock a lot of Bucket Teeth here at Alma Tractor & Eq.

We carry a large inventory of V-series Esco Bucket Teeth, Shanks, and Pins, from small V-17 series up to thru the V-48 Series Teeth, including Dirt, Rock, and Twin Rock style teeth. We also stock some of the New Esco Ultralok Bucket Teeth.

We also stock a large inventory of New Holland Aftermarket Bucket Teeth, Shanks, and Pins. These include Cat Style, Case Style, and some Cat Style Bucket Teeth.

If we do not have the Bucket Teeth that you need, we will do everything we can to find them for you. We work with several other vendors so that we can offer our customers exactly what they are looking for at a great price.
We can also ship your Bucket Parts to you such as new Bushings, Ears, Cutting Edges, and Side Cutters.

We can ship Bucket Teeth directly to you from any of our warehouses.
Do You need your Bucket Teeth fast? We can ship Bucket Teeth Overnight or Ground, whichever suits your needs.

All you have to do is give us a call at: 1-866-441-8193 and please be ready with a number off of your old tooth, or the brand name on your bucket and the serial number and we will work with the manufacturer to get you the right teeth.

We want to help you succeed in finding your Bucket Teeth and Bucket Parts!

Esco Bucket Teeth Esco Bucket Teeth
Esco Bucket Teeth

For more information about finding Esco Bucket Teeth or Aftermarket Bucket Teeth click here.